Swell Weddings - Outer Banks - Wedding Video - Investment

It’s Simple:

Our goal is to capture every amazing moment of your wedding day, tell your story, and make an awesome film out of it. For us it’s simple, and that’s why we don’t want to complicate things with tons of different options of what you can and can’t have. We know what it takes to make a great wedding video and we offer nothing less. You just tell us when to show up and how long to stick around, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Oh, and be sure to jump over to our films page to see what we can do!

What You Get:

-Two Videographers
-Unlimited Locations
-All Equipment (Yes, we have a drone!)
-Instagram and Facebook posts
-Custom USB Drive
-Cinematic Short Film
-Full Length Feature Film

Cinematic Short:
The Cinematic Short is a gorgeous 4-6 minute short film set to music and includes live audio from your wedding that serves as voiceover. This film captures all the standout details and special moments from your day, from prep to reception. It’s the perfect length to share online with friends and family. Simple and elegant, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie trailer. You can watch some of our favorite Cinematic Shorts here.

Feature Film:
Our Feature is a much longer video (30 minutes to over an hour) which will include the complete ceremony, toasts, dances, and tons of additional special details that we couldn’t squeeze into your short. All the stuff you’ll want as memories but may not be as suitable for posting to Facebook. Don’t be fooled; these are just as beautiful as the Cinematic Shorts and so much fun to watch! Think of it as an artistic documentary film of your wedding day. If you’d like to see an example let us know and we’d be happy to send one your way!


4 hours of filming – $2850
This typically allows for the full ceremony and a little bit of time on both sides (prep and reception), or a lot on just one side. You can adjust your window to include whichever you prefer, prep or reception!

6 hours of filming – $3750
Our most popular choice! We like to show up about 1-2 hours before the ceremony to get ample of prep footage, and then stay until just after the party kicks off to get everyone’s best dance moves.

8 hours of filming – $4250
All day baby! We’ll be around for at least two hours before your ceremony which will allow plenty of time for prep and even a first look. Cocktail hour? Psh, no problem. This is almost always enough time for us to get everything up until your grand exit!

Animated Short Add-On:

This is something brand new we are super excited about! Tell us your love story and we will turn it into a hand made stop-go animation to be played for your guests during your cocktail hour or reception. You will also get a digital upload for sharing online so you can tell your story to the world! Check out Leah and Orlando’s short here and see if you can guess what they do for a living:

Animated Short – $600


You will receive a digital download link and Vimeo upload for embedding online, as well as a custom USB drive and case with your Cinematic Short and Feature Films. On this drive we will also include the music tracks used and your animated short if you opt in for one!